Sunlead International Technologies is a sister company of Sunlead which specializes in Supplying, development, and integration of Railway Level Crossing systems, Signaling Equipment, and accessories.
Corporate Solar Projects above 20kw
20kW+ solar system for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. including On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar Systems
Professional supplier to Sri Lanka Railways
We value our reputation and customers; therefore we do not participate in dubious projects.
Aviation Spare Parts
We offer a broad range of private and commercial aviation spare parts that fit your budget.
Marine Spare Parts
We are a supplier of marine spares and specialize in procuring directly from the manufacturers.
We will supply the equipment to anywhere in Sri Lanka
We are always open to cooperation, regardless of the scale of the customer's business.
We seek to build new values through innovation and technology
We offer a range of services for industrial- and transit-related projects, as well as advanced tech solutions.
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We are an active innovative tech company. Our team of professionals develop and implement complex transport solutions. We assemble and maintain high-tech equipment for transport solutions. We develop reliable software, provide a wide range of consulting and expert services as well as 24/7 technical support.



(Pvt) Ltd

BR No. P V 127776
Sunlead International Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is a comprehensive supply of railway equipment, communications equipment, railway automation, telemechanic for railways, and industrial enterprises.

Sunlead team consist of those who take on responsibilities and work with passion. We believe in developing and improving the quality management system through words and actions to satisfy our customers and partners.

We provide locomotive spare parts. Our area of expertise includes Traction Motor, Engine, Alternator, and Turbo Charger complete assembly, and most of the OEM equal spare parts. If you require obsolete parts, design change, or a new custom part design, we will make sure our parts conform to your specifications.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and services that fulfil their requirements at a fair and responsible price while maintaining the quality of service at its peak.

Services & Amenities

Railway level crossing

Railway crossing control system is intended to control crossing signaling equipment set, allowing to transmit diagnostics parameters to dispatch level control systems.

Corporate Solar Projects

20kW solar power systems are becoming an increasingly worthwhile and attractive investment for small to medium businesses (or households with large energy consumption).

Locomotive Spare Parts

Diesel Engines, Traction Motors, Generators, Alternators, and other capital equipment for locomotives. Our services also include rebuilding, rehabilitation, and maintenance programs.

Signaling equipment supplier

Sunlead has proven its capabilities of providing elevated level of safety (99% fail-safe) and reliability which required Railway Signaling Solutions that support railway operations.

Why We Are Different


20yr+ of Excellence

For more than 20 years we have been producing large deliveries of railway equipment for the state and the leading enterprises of industry.


Best Pricing

Equipment at factory prices. Cooperation with manufacturers allows us to offer our customers the best prices.


Supply chain

A wide range of products. We monitor the needs of the market and constantly expand the range of products supplied.


Genuine Product

Deliveries only directly from the manufacturing plants. The products are always available, shipment is made as soon as possible.


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